Who we are

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VISKA Coaches and Strategists ignite transformation and propel you forward in meaningful, sustainable ways that are recognizable to others. They have Iceland’s fire and ice, a creative symbiosis that results in that forward movement.

Why we do what we do

So that everyone is comfortable in their own skin and free to be their most potent selves, and because our children rely on corporate leaders to make our world a better place.

VISKA Coaches


Sharon Leckie, VISKA Coach, Strategist & Managing Partner
San Francisco & Boston  


The task of coaching is to provide a context for change.  Sharon provides a simple, strengths-based boot camp for potent, authentic leadership to make a difference in the face of change.  She is hired to help clients create the change they want or to manage the change that is confronting them.

Sharon combines a relationship and results oriented approach, working to move individuals and teams to their next level of effectiveness by blending challenge with support.  She is simultaneously incredibly supportive and the new Sheriff-in-town.  “We begin with the end in mind, build a scaffold of support, and create a timeline for results. I provide encouragement, insightful observation, and rigorous homework to move us closer to that end in each session.”


-Graduated Portsmouth School of Business, graduate courses in Coaching & Development

-Graduated Harvard, graduate courses in Management, Negotiations, & Organization Design

-Certified in the Neuroscience of Change & Transformation

-Certified in the Neuroscience of Creativity, Innovation, Spirituality

-Certified in Leadership Transitions, First 90 Days


-9 years in professional improvised comedy theater, Boston, NYC, Chicago

-Won recognition directing an all-female cast

-Certified & staffed on teen suicide hotline

-Year-long sabbatical working on an environmental resort in the virgin rainforest of Far North Queensland, Aus.

-BRA Certified Artist, based on a 3-year body work

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Allan McGregor, VISKA Coach, London  

Equifinality: there’s invariably more than one way to solve a problem


-Graduate of economics

-Leader in Manufacturing for 20 years

-Favorite clients Walt Disney & Sony


-Tenor / Bass singer

-Best football referee 2015

-Volunteer with local charity


Andrew Cassidy, VISKA Coach, Miami  

I walk the path of change with my clients learning from the lows and celebrating the highs


-Articulates the business & human capital issues and provides actionable feedback

-30 years in IT leadership with multinational corporations

-Coach to the UN Peacekeeping Operations


-Traveling the world and painting myself on the canvas of local life and nature in particular

-TED Fellows Coaching Program

-Mentor at Milagro Center after school program for “at risk” children

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Angie Herrmann, VISKA Coach & Strategist, London  

transforming talent into achievement, adversity into opportunity


-Scientific background in medicine and neurosurgery, MB.ChB, FRCS (Edin)


-EMCC Senior Coach Practitioner

-Fluent in English, German



-Shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writer’s Prize for her first novel

-Voluntary health care work in the Western Cape, South Africa


Anke Tusveld, VISKA Coach & Strategist, Portland, OR

Mature leaders who are led by their talent are extremely inspiring, motivational and vital to their surroundings


-MSc in Innovation Management, Creativity and Change

-Certified Coach, Pulsar Academy of Transformation and Change

-Owned a successful innovation agency on another continent


-Writing a non-fiction book

-Mentor within ‘the voices of the future’ program of WorldPulse

-Lived on 3 different continents, fluent in English, Dutch, French

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Daniel Phoenix, VISKA Coach, Boston  

Experience-based learning burns through the fog, lighting the way to benchmarks and goals


-MA in Psychology

-Favorite clients Genentech, Inc, Oracle

-Specializes in coaching leaders to become their own greatest resource


-Produces, directs, and performs in educational improv theatre

-Designs and facilitates high-end, actor-based Adventure Hunts

-Volunteer coach for young men on healthy relationship skills


Georgeanne Nicozisin, VISKA Strategist & Partner, Boston

Facilitating transformation and change at the intersection of business strategy and talent management


-Member of Board of Directors, Boston Advisors, LLC

-ToP Certification in facilitation

-BA from Northwestern University


-Framing photos and art work created by my talented daughter

-Volunteer with Massachusetts organizations that serve children, either by providing education or services

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Jo Leal, VISKA Coach & Strategist, LA  

I won’t teach you how to work, perform or live “better”. I will remind you how to BE once and for all and that will take care of everything you might need 



-Works through blocks and rewires the brain for new habits

-20 years coaching experience


-Best directing award for fiction GRACE

-Best actress award for “I want to be a soldier”

-Beginning a documentary about school education


Leilani Henry, VISKA Coach, Denver



-MA Learning and Organizational Dev.

-Works with diversity, equity and inclusion issues

-Spelman graduate


-8 years in improvised theater

-Designed the fabric and launched her own range of workout gear

-Learning and Development Leadership Award @ World HRD Congress

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Mark Dannenberg, VISKA Coach, Chicago 

I’m passionate that who you are as a person is an asset to who you are as a leader.  So I strive to bring your authentic self to the forefront, rather than hiding in the background.


-BA in Theatre from UCLA

-MFA from University of Delaware

-Certificate from London Academy of Theatre


-Shakespearean actor – 18 years professional stage

-Last seen on TV in NBC’s Chicago Fire and Fox’s The Mob Doctor

-Volunteer with The Common Pantry and Chicago Food Bank


Tom Gosselin, VISKA Coach & Strategist, Boston

combining extensive business acumen with a solid behavioural science orientation


-Lectures on Power & Influence in Organizations at Harvard University

-Led NYU’s Executive Coaching Certification Program

-MSW from Catholic University


-Plays traditional Irish music with his band most Saturday nights

-An avid traveler finding favorite nooks

-The quintessential foodie

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Victor Barbella, VISKA Coach, New York 

Lead from your soul. Lead with your heart and a curious mind. Change your world. 


-ICF Certified Coach

-MA Acting: London Academy Performing Arts

-Organizational Effectiveness Consultant


-Off Broadway & London Theatre Actor

-Co-Founder & Co-Owner of Gotham Radio Theatre Company, NYC: 2011-2017

-North Shore Animal League




Robin Lucchesi, VISKA Finance, Boston

I take a cooperative approach to working with clients and see the business relationship as more of a partnership


-Enrolled in MBA Program at Assumption College

-Graduate of UMASS-Amherst

-Cut his financial teeth at the IRS


-Volunteer at Stone Soup, Boston Food Bank, and Cradles to Crayons

-Avid old sports care enthusiast

-Runner up in Dark Beer Category for home brewing


Sheila Rehrig, VISKA Project Management, Boston

we’re passionate about the work we do and its all about building relationships


-Operations & contracting specialist

-40 years of successfully transitioning startups into small companies

-Motivated by inspiring leaders


-Professional singer

-Actor in musical theater

-Volunteers as stage management in local community theater

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No one describes us better than our clients...


leadership achieved sustained performance improvement

VISKA challenged our leadership to think about coaching and development in an entirely new light. Not only were they effective in small and large group environments, they also handled executive one-on-one coaching with a new direction that helped our leadership achieve sustained performance improvement and professional development
— J. Kinsley, FedEx Latin America and Caribbean Division

articulation of thoughts, calibration of actions

VISKA knows how to listen and how to question, which allows you to dig deeper in the thoughts you need to better align to calibrate the action you have to take. They genuinely care.
— S. Sorsaburu, Amgen

instrumental in pioneering methods to create a powerful and transparent culture

VISKA is instrumental in pioneering methods to create a powerful and transparent culture. Their techniques and engagement with the BCG Digital Ventures team over the last three years has been fantastic. My highest recommendation belong to them for anyone looking to align their multidisciplinary teams for future success.
— L. Walker, BCGDV

mastered the art of communication

Truly an exceptional experience! VISKA make this look easy. The VISKA Group has mastered the art of communicating effectively, making the participants feel included, productive, and rewarded every step of the way.
— L. Deschamps, FedEx LAC

unlocked a part of me I didn’t know I had

Working with VISKA helped to unlock a part of me that I didn’t know that I had.  Our work together inspired and helped me professionally and personally.  Thank you VISKA!
— Andy G., Timm Medical Technologies

one of our top external sources

VISKA is one of our top external sources, our people love working with them. They share passion, connection, and tons of valuable insights, tips and feedback.
— Annette, BCG

the whole session was customized

Great content and very interactive fun teaching style. The whole session was customized to our needs and VISKA went out of their way to make sure everybody got something useful out of it. Highly recommended and looking forward to a part 2 soon.
— H. Mhanna, BCGDV

helped me manage my career transition

VISKA gave me both the mental tools and actual processes necessary to help me manage my career transition. With their help I was able to analyze, understand, and mitigate practices or thought patterns that were tripping me up, so I could improve my leadership capabilities and be even more productive. The lessons I learned positively impacted me beyond just the professional sphere.
— Lewis G., University of Colorado Boulder

fundamental changes in how they communicate

After our engagement with VISKA, every member of my team reported fundamental changes in how they communicate and a greater appreciation for being present in the moment.
— C. Carpenter, Turner

deliver actionable results

I have seen VISKA work with diverse and demanding groups of executives. They are excellent coaches, who coordinate with others, deliver actionable results, and make a difference in how and why people act as leaders.
— Frank Cespedes, Harvard Business School