executive coaching  


You have a vision of the leader you want to be. In the same way that Iceland’s powerful system of underground waterways and above ground waterfalls forge forward, VISKA Coaches will facilitate your movement toward that vision.

we ignite and sustain transformation to propel you forward for meaningful results


You’re a senior leader and have been for a while, you’ve probably read a bunch about leadership and taken several courses, but closing the gap between what you know and what you do is where we live.


We save you 9 months of trial and error when transitioning to the next level.

“Shifting you from scientist to leader in science” or your equivalent

leadership advising 


The more senior you become, the more lonely it can be.  VISKA Strategists partner with you to co-navigate organizational change, keeping you aligned with all that you say is important to you… keeping north on your compass, and sanity at the breakfast table.

forging new ways forward for leaders


Senior leaders navigating change within their group and organization.


Because it’s lonely at the top, and exceeding business objectives through aligned leadership is critical to organizational success.

leadership team alignment

collective wisdom for meaningful results


leadership off-sites and retreats bridging functions, genders, generations creating a coaching culture from the top down


Leadership teams who are craving alignment so that they can focus on business objectives rather than the potential tension of the human dynamic of working together.

We guarantee a new, sustainable team experience of doing good business together, shifting your team from endurable to admirable


Alignment matters.  It’s a significant investment in genuine leadership engagement and organizational success

  • leadership alignment eliminates 5-10% productivity drag
  • 32% of turnover can be avoided through optimal leadership alignment
  • Misalignment costs as much as 7% of total yearly revenue