create a powerful and transparent culture

VISKA is instrumental in pioneering methods to create a powerful and transparent culture. Their techniques and engagement with the BCG Digital Ventures team over the last three years has been fantastic. My highest recommendation belong to them for anyone looking to align their multidisciplinary teams for future success.
— L Walker, BCG Digital Ventures

deliver actionable results

I have seen VISKA work with diverse and demanding groups of executives. They are excellent coaches who coordinate with others, deliver actionable results, and make a difference in how and why people act as leaders.
— Frank Cespedes, Harvard Business School

sustain leadership performance improvement

VISKA challenged our leadership to think about coaching and development in an entirely new light. Not only were they effective in small and large group environments, they also handled executive one-on-one coaching with a new direction that helped our leadership achieve sustained performance improvement and professional development
— J. Kinsley, FedEx Express

fundamental changes in how we communicate

After our engagement with VISKA, every member of my team reported fundamental changes in how they communicate and a greater appreciation for being present in the moment.
— C. Carpenter, Turner

one of our top external sources

VISKA is one of our top external sources, our people love working with them. They share passion, connection, and tons of valuable insights, tips and feedback.
— Annette, BCG

articulate vision, calibrate actions

VISKA knows how to listen and how to question, which allows you to dig deeper into the thoughts you need to better align to calibrate the action you have to take. They genuinely care.
— S. Sorsaburu, Amgen

the whole session was customized

Great content and very interactive fun teaching style. The whole session was customized to our needs and VISKA went out of their way to make sure everybody got something useful out of it. Highly recommended and looking forward to a part 2 soon.
— H. Mhanna, BCGDV

helped me manage my career transition

VISKA gave me both the mental tools and actual processes necessary to help me manage my career transition. With their help I was able to analyze, understand, and mitigate practices or thought patterns that were tripping me up, so I could improve my leadership capabilities and be even more productive. The lessons I learned positively impacted me beyond just the professional sphere.
— Lewis G., University of Colorado Boulder

mastered the art of communication

Truly an exceptional experience! VISKA make this look easy. The VISKA Group has mastered the art of communicating effectively, making the participants feel included, productive, and rewarded every step of the way.
— L. Deschamps, FedEx Express

unlocked a part of me I didn’t know I had

Working with VISKA helped to unlock a part of me that I didn’t know that I had.  Our work together inspired and helped me professionally and personally.  Thank you VISKA!
— Andy G., Timm Medical Technologies