How We Do It


accelerate leadership transformation


There are 3 stages to leaders' behavioral change:

1. ignite ongoing self awareness

2. forge new skills, and

3. practice until it all becomes second nature


Coaching facilitates your own innate wisdom and expertise, self-discovered logic is the purest fuel for behavioral change, and coaching facilitates self-discovered logic

We challenge and support you to stretch your mind and capabilities to that uncomfortable place where real growth occurs, and measure results throughout

we tell you what others won’t

our methodology pulls from


to create a vivid, palpable vision of where you want to be within the next 12 months, and to map out the process of change that the brain goes through in the process of getting there 

psychological models

to provide tangible ways to navigate our natural resistance to change and demonstrate greater emotional intelligence

theater of the self 

our breakthrough methodology founded on the principles of human intelligence and seeped in the simple but powerful theater concept that rehearsal, doing it, and then doing it again creates behavioral change

ongoing academic research

keeps us fresh and means you don’t have to read new books unless you want to

this combination is our unique perspective

Our process has been co-designed over a combined 60 years, plenty of time to iron out the kinks