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inclusive leadership, profitable results

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VISKA is Icelandic for Wisdom 

Iceland is a self-regenerating environment. A land where two intuitively incompatible forces, fire and ice, counter-intuitively thrive and coexist in close range.  It’s their close proximity and interaction that produces a complex and powerful system of underground waterways and above ground waterfalls.  The island is a symbol for a creative symbiosis that results in a forward movement of water that is the ultimate enabler of life.

We unearth and enable similar creative, symbiotic forces within the work and team environment, forging new ways forward for executive leaders and their leadership teams.

VISKA’s definition of Wisdom /ˈwizdəm 

an effervescence of perspective, knowledge, skills, experience, willingness to transform, humor, good judgment, and a recognizably warm heart.